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Spillway VL 1200 Variable Length -ABS - Tile Insert Kit



RRP $299.00


The spillway incorporates the Stripgrate VL system but has a tile tray instead of a grate and is made entirely of A.B.S. plastic and is available in 1200 mm kits that can be connected using the joiner provided in each kit. Water escapes via a 5 mm gap left between the tile tray and the tiled floor.

The total  clear water way (that is the area arrived at by multiplying twice the length of the grate by the 5 mm gap between the tile tray and the tiled floor) for spillways longer than 600 mm greatly exceeds that required by the Australian Standards for a shower grate.

Spillway Installation Guide

Spillway Parts List

Simply measure, add to or cut down and assemble the spillway to suit any length over 350mm, fitting the outlet spigots as needed.

Cut selected tiles to fill the spillway tile tray using packers if required, as described in the installation guide.
A removable 20mm riser along the collection channel enhances waterproofing for against wall applications.
The collection tray is 23mm deep with a 20mm wide flange to enable effective application of waterproofing membranes.

IMPORTANT: Water test Spillway prior to installation to ensure there are no leaks - 24 hours is needed for glue to dry properly prior to test


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