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We all want to choose the best quality products for our new build or home renovation. However, often it is the case that seemingly less important and relatively less expensive products are not given the required scrutiny in terms quality and design. Case in point - Bath and Basin wastes

Plug and wastes more commonly known these days as 'Pop Up Wastes', are an integral part of the installation of our bath and basin fixtures. However due consideration to quality and design is not often given and price is often the determining factor for the builder, home owner or renovator

Problems however can and do arise when choosing cheaper alternatives, particularly in reference to non silicone seals, inferior stainless steel springs and inadequate or low quality chrome or colour finishes.  

Replacement of pop up wastes due to either the failure of the pop up mechanism or wearing and deterioration of cheaper quality seals is an annoying and sometimes expensive process, particularly in reference to labour costs e.g. need to employ a tradesman 

Basin and Bath pop up wastes supplied by Bathroom Wastes are of a superior quality and design and carry a 5 year parts replacement warranty. We also have the largest range of colour wastes available in Australia providing more choice for our customers 

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